The Team

All our barbers have been finely selected to deliver the premium barbering service you require; the Strap and Scraper London way.

[wvc_team_member img_size=”600×600″ layout=”overlay” overlay_opacity=”95″ image_id=”6496″ name=”Louis” role=”Professional Barber” tagline=”Previously working in and around the East London/Essex area, Louis’s excellent barbering skills, ability to listen, advise and consult, and his attention to detail are what makes him an asset to Strap and Scraper. Louis loves barbering because of the “Barbershop culture, the personal touch, creative flair and getting to meet people from all walks of life.” Outside of barbering Louis enjoys finding all the vegan hot spots around London, following basketball and has a keen interest in photography.”][wvc_team_member img_size=”600×600″ layout=”overlay” overlay_opacity=”95″ image_id=”1728″ name=”Vinny” role=”Professional Barber & Educator” tagline=”Vinny is a third-generation barber from East London, and has 15+ years of barbering to his name. Vinny is a true pioneer of his craft and has worked and managed in some of London’s most prestigious barbershops. With a huge list of clientele that have followed him from shop to shop, he brings a true passion and vast knowledge for barbering, specialising in every aspect of the job. Outside of barbering Vinny’s interests are travelling, football and coffee.”]
[wvc_team_member img_size=”600×600″ layout=”overlay” overlay_opacity=”95″ image_id=”6518″ name=”Ollie” role=”Professional Barber” tagline=”Ollie was previously working in Sydney Australia as a barber. Originally from Yorkshire Ollie went on his travels across the globe and fell in love with the Australlian lifestyle. Deciding he had done a long enough stint in Aus Ollie decided to move to London where we managed to aquire his excellent barbering skills. a whizz with the tools Ollie will have you looking at your sharpest. Outside barbering Ollie loves his sports especially Formula 1 and Boxing. Ollie is also a big foodie and loves to cook.”][wvc_team_member img_size=”600×600″ layout=”overlay” overlay_opacity=”95″ image_id=”6498″ name=”Papi” role=”Professional Barber & Educator” tagline=”Papi is also a third-generation barber born raised in East London and the founder of Strap and Scraper London. He has been in the trade for 12 + years. Originally Papi began his barbering career working at the family shop where he learnt and mastered his craft. He then went on to work in Shoreditch barbering at a private members club and then went on to run and manage barber academies. Outside of barbering Papi enjoys coffee, exploring London and following sports such as football and boxing.”]