Looking to start a career in barbering or brush up on existing skills?

In addition to being a premium, time-honoured barbershop, Strap and Scraper London is also a barber academy offering a range of flexible barbering courses. For those that want to learn all aspects of barbering, our barber courses in London are the perfect place to start. No prior experience is required.

Why train with us?

Our philosophy is to provide a high level of service and this has been proven to work throughout our barbershops over the past 6 years. We believe this is why we are so highly rated.

Shop Floor Educators

All our educators are currently working in our barbershop and are managing client bases to keep on trend and up to date with all teaching

Small Groups

With no more than 2 learners per barber course, you’ll get a more personalised and thorough training experience.

Shop Experience

Our academy is located within the Strap and Scraper London barbershop, allowing you to experience how a fully functioning barbershop operates daily.

What we cover

First and foremost, you will learn how to ensure a high level of service, the Strap and Scraper London Barbershop way.

Strong Consultations

When a client sits in your barber chair, it’s so important to ask precise questions in order to distinguish what they want and work within a specific time frame. It’s also important to consider the time taken to extract this information. If you don’t know what your client wants then you are going in blind! A big no no from us.

The client journey

From the minute someone enters your barbershop doors, to the moment they leave, the time is precious and we instil our Strap and Scraper formula to get you ready for the barbering world. From how you greet, to how you communicate, it all plays a role and we have the script.

Hair Cutting

The main piece of the puzzle. Here, we cover a huge array of barbering methods and techniques. By barbering, we mean barbering; not hairdressing. What we cover as barbers: Scissor over comb, clipper over comb, razor skin fades, grade 0, grade 0.5 and grade 1 fades, high, low and mid fades, scissor cuts, tapering and thinning, outlines, general clipper work, texturising techniques and more!

Facial Hair

A hugely popular demand these days. From sculpting beards to clean cut throat razor shaves, we cover it all. The process, the tools, the delivery and how to put it all together.


The key ingredient to an excellent haircut is an excellent blow dry. From how to hold the hairdryer in sync with your correct styling brushes, to actual techniques and methods to achieving different looks.

Product Styling

The best way to compliment a fantastic haircut, is the product you style it with. It is imperative you know what works with what kind of hair type, what kind of finish they leave in the hair and even your product ingredients. These are key things every barber should know and key knowledge we will deliver.

Barber Etiquette

Key things that we do in Strap and Scraper that make us who we are, from tiny minor details, to more obvious ones. We are Strap and Scraper London Barber Academy and we look forward to you starting your barber career with us.

Client Base

We are not here to teach you how to cut hair for social media. We aim to get you ready for a variety of barbershop environments and ready and able to deliver an excellent haircut, alongside excellent customer service. Remember, working in a barbershop means working on time frames and building and maintaining a client base. Our methods, experience and knowledge will get you there.

Employment Tips

What makes you employable, things you should be doing, things you shouldn’t and any questions you may have; throw them our way and we will be more than happy to help.

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